In A Year

And man, did I find that out in 2014. It seemed like everything that could happen did happen. And while I realize that life does not follow the calendar, and that change is much more gradual than can be signified by a ball dropping, I can't help but think back on the lessons of 2014 (and there were a lot of them) and imagine what I'd like 2015 to look like. 

In 2014, I learned...

About loss. The really tough kind of loss. The toughest of tough kind of loss. And about the pain that goes along with that kind of loss. And that I'm strong enough to endure that pain.

What it means to truly love someone, and what it means to stick with that person through the trenches of the real-life darkest moments of their lives. Even when there is no way out of that trench and you know the ending has already been written.

Religion is not for me. 

That we will always want more time. And we won't always get it, which is unfair, but is how life works and so we have to appreciate those good and great times as best we can.

Life is made up of second chances, even if it's not in the exact same way as the first chance.

To listen to my gut.

How to dress myself.

About the importance of self-love.

How to form a running habit - and enjoy it.

How to laugh even when I'm faced with loss and grief.

We rarely understand life as it is happening, but time and distance usually sheds light and clarifies events, and at least gives meaning to the things we cannot understand.

In 2015, I intend to...

Increase my gratitude and decrease my cynicism.

Write. Write more. Write at all.

Improve my health through clean eating, regular running/yoga/strength training, and simply doing more of the activities I enjoy.

Grow my photography.

Experience more adventures abroad (Belize is booked, Oxford is a possibility) and at home.

Not just hear but act on my gut instincts.

Set monthly goals.

Have more patience.

Achieve the things I really want.

Trust life and leave space for the improbable, the inexplicable and the magical.

Love - everyone and as much as I can.

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