Choosing My Favorite Book: An Exercise in Futility

I mean, seriously. I can't pick a favorite book. That's just the way it is.

At first, I was going to choose Jane Eyre. Not just because it makes me sound smart and because of its feminist themes. But also because its heroine is plain (i.e. a real person) and her love is not attractive and I find that refreshing. Also, because of its feminist themes. Like how Jane complains of being dressed up like a doll, how she expresses herself with force, how (spoiler alert) she ends up saving him. So good.

But then, I thought about Animal Farm. I read it at a ridiculously young age (#humblebrag) with my mom, and was completely fascinated by it. From there, I went on to read about Stalin in the encyclopedia, because I was that kid who read the encyclopedia (#dork).

And then, I immediately thought of Fahrenheit 451, which I read in seventh grade and I still read. This book taught me the importance of questioning leadership, it spoke to my love for literature, and it validated my fondness for sci-fi as more than just a goofy trend - this was a sci fi book that was serious. I love the girl, who is just as important as Guy, in my opinion. And I love the opening line. I dare say that opening line is the best ever. Period. This book made me want to be a writer.

To choose one favorite, though, is pretty much impossible. They all met me at different points in my life, and they all mean different things to me. I don't believe in best friends, and I don't believe in favorite books.

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