I am acutely aware of this blog's presence and my lack of effort in keeping the blog updated. To be fair, I have excuses, a lot of them, and they're pretty valid excuses. These aren't the kind of excuses I would roll my eyes at if my students came into class with them. Just so you know.

So...where do we go from here? I'm at a rather large crossroads in my life. Professionally, I'm not entirely sure what next year is going to look like. For that matter, I'm not sure what next semester is going to look like. There are a lot of shake ups in my district, most of which are not for the better. Personally, though, I suppose my life is pretty simple. I have my friends and my family. It's simple and I like it that way.

And then there's this blog. And the photography business I just started. There's the fact that I want to write a book (books?) someday, although I'm not entirely sure if I want to have a full-time job as a writer. I'm interested in the idea of occasional vlogs, although putting my face out there on the internet is horrifying because the reality is I sometimes have low self-esteem about my appearance. (I think in reality pretty much everyone does, and if someone says they don't, they're probably lying. Then again, maybe I'm saying that just to make myself feel better.)

The bottom line is I do want to inspire people. I want to show young girls and teen girls what it means to be a strong woman, and all the different facets of being a whole woman. That it's okay to be goofy and awkward, and it's okay to be sexy, and it's okay to be smart, and it's okay to be a tomboy, and it's okay to be girlie. I want to encourage young women to educate themselves on health and finances. I want to inspire women to break out of the cycle of competing with other women. For a long time I felt the best way to do that was to be a teacher. I still feel that way, but I also wonder about how effective I can be with a writing career and web presence (a la John Green).

Food for thought. In the meantime, there's this blog, and the present moment, and a persistent gaze forward.

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