Pantene's New #ShineStrong Ad Is So Much Better Than Their Last

If you'll remember, Pantene produced an ad last December which attempted to break down gender labels. It left me feeling confused and a little bit pissed, although I wasn't entirely sure why. I agreed with the sentiment that women with certain labels are perceived differently from their male counterparts with the same label. But something about the ad was obviously pandering. Maybe it was that every woman's hair was really the focal point of each shot? Either way, I really disliked the ad.

Pantene has a new ad now, one which I think is much stronger and much better than the one from December. I think this video is different for a few different reasons, one being that I completely related to the video's topic. Every woman I know has some issue with saying unnecessary sorries, myself included, and the different takes in the video (with and without "sorry") makes a pretty blatant point about how each woman behaves and is perceived. I also appreciate that hair was not the focal point here - we saw the women first and hair second, as it should be. Is it still pandering? Yes, absolutely. But it's making a very strong and effective statement about how women behave, one that is important for every woman to understand whether or not they use Pantene. (For the record, I don't use Pantene and I don't really see that happening anytime soon. But I do think better of the company for this specific ad.)

Although, one thing that bugs me: the couple at the end needs a bigger bed. Then the covers (probably) wouldn't be an issue. 

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