What's Making Me Happy: Face Masks and Animal GIFs

It's been a while since I've done one of these... Let's get back to it!

Face Masks

(I apologize in advance for my discussion of zits and pimples and stuff.)

I don't have the worst skin in the world, but it's far from perfect, too. My skin is oily some times and dry other times and freckled all over. I won't get break outs for a long while but then I'll have a horrible bout of PMS and my chin will turn into a giant pimple. What makes it all worse is I have a tendency to touch my face and, even worse, pick my face. I'm well aware of how awful picking your face is for your skin, not to mention how gross it looks. So I've been cutting back on all of that, but I still end up getting at least one painful zit that I can't leave alone, and then there's a scab. And they usually last forever, and I can't leave those alone and the vicious cycle continues.

This is a really long introduction to this face mask I got from LUSH cosmetics. My sister was in town a while ago and we went up to Boulder and made a pit stop at LUSH. I walked away with two face masks: 1. Catastrophe Cosmetic (a loooot of blueberries in there) and 2. Mask of Magnaminity (a looooot of peppermint in there). Long story short: I use them each once a week, a few days apart, and my skin is soft and clear. And when I have a scab because I've been dumb and use the Catastrophe Cosmetic, I swear the scab is gone in a matter of a couple days rather than a couple weeks.

To summarize: I like these masks. They be good.

By the way, not that you were actually wondering this, but LUSH doesn't know they exist, so they didn't, like, pay me or anything.

Animal GIFS

Remember a while back when I posted about using animal gifs to make you feel happier about the world? Given the state of world affairs this summer, I feel like some more animal gifs are necessary. Here they are.

Remember that Baby Beluga song by Raffi? I loved that song. I also love this beluga and the little boy's reaction.

I firmly believe dogs should be allowed in the workplace. Exhibit A

I cannot CAN. NOT. handle this dog's expression. OMG.

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