Back to School: The Wardrobe Issue

Ok, I know, it’s July and I’m writing about work. I’m sorry I’m reminding you that in a few weeks time you will - assuming you are a secondary teacher - be in charge of molding the minds of 100-200 adolescents (I have a friend who works for an online charter school and had 300 students). It’s a depressing thought, I know, and again, I’m sorry for bringing this up. To be fair, I've been going into my school to do work for this next year, so I'm already starting to get into the groove, except that at 2 pm I religiously stick to a routine of returning home, turning on Netflix, gorging on chips and salsa and taking a nap.

But I do have a reason for writing about work. Those reasons include: 

1. My tax refund ($1100! Holla!) which I should put immediately towards savings and my credit card bill, and I will, but I also want to buy new clothes.

2. It's that secret magical time of summer break when all teachers (at least the female ones - I can't speak for the males because I don't have those tools) start to feel the itch for back to school shopping. We've spent all summer sitting around in sweats and now we're actually feeling in the mood for some suitable work clothing.

3. I recently read two books, both of which are self-help. And sure, you can laugh at me, but they help my self. Anyway, they've convinced me to put 100% into my work, which includes my wardrobe. Not like I've been sloppy or anything, but teachers tend to lean into two extremes: 1. Teachers are professional and should always dress as though going to a reputable business instead of wrangling cats/teenagers (this is not to imply that wrangling cats is not a reputable business), and 2. Teachers have a lot of freedom in work, meaning we/they can show up in jeans and flannel every day and essentially look like a homeless person. I'm in between, but I want to dress more professionally (right now, anyway...we'll see how I feel in the Hell hole that is October).

4. I recently cleaned out my closet and got rid of clothes I don't absolutely love. I got rid of roughly 2/3 of my closet. What remains is grey and/or grey-black. It's cool; I call it Parisian chic. My grumpy mood at 5 am will fit in perfectly. But seriously, I'm trying to mainstream my closet - I'm actually really enjoying having fewer choices - and I'm trying to focus on quality, which means fewer purchases but they'll be special purchases!

I mean, of course I used this gif. Nothing else would work.
So I've been planning out what I plan to buy with the portion of my refund earmarked for clothes (holla at ya, Banana Republic!) and here's what's on my list:

A pair of slim ankle-length pants

Sloan Fit Slim Ankle Pant

I mean, my God, these are expensive. But they're an investment, right? And they're perfect. So onto my list they go, in spot #1.

Button-down shirt(s)

Non-Iron Chambray Shirt
These shirts are non-iron. Did you hear that? Non. Iron. I mean, I don't iron my stuff anyway, but these would actually look fine if I stick to my habits. 

Pencil Skirt

Sloan-Fit Zip-Pocket Pencil Skirt
This is actually number two on my list, so long as it's longer than is shown in the photo (because a. teenage boys and b. air conditioning). 

If I could spend all of my money, I would also buy a dress, another skirt, a bunch of silk shirts and some shoes. Speaking of shoes - I'm definitely a flats girl. Partly because when I wear heels I'm as tall/taller than 90% of the men in my department and mostly because they kill my feet. Do any teachers out there wear heels? I'd like to know this.

So I may not be very excited for school to start (and specifically the early mornings) but new clothes? Why, yes, please and thank you.

PS Coming up - my classroom. It has windows, guys! This is big.

It's almost time for this, teacher friends. Better start stocking up on that wine now.

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