An Overly Introspective Take On The Colfax Half

Right now, outside my window, it is cold and snowy and windy, but next Sunday it is supposed to be sunny and in the 80s. I would say this is global warming, but really, this is just Colorado.

Today marks one week to the Colfax Half Marathon - my first half marathon ever. I've trained - albeit not to the letter of my training plan - and I have read countless articles from Runner's World and I have found an unfathomable number of running blogs. I start my taper week, and I'm supposed to trust that my body can do this. On Sunday, I'll run 13.1 miles, and I'll probably be happy just with the fact that I finish. I am nervous, definitely, but it's also making me really reflective, and probably overly analytical about the whole thing.

The thing is, there are some moments when you know your life is going to be different. Sometimes you meet someone and your life isn't the same, sometimes you get a job and your life isn't the same, sometimes you accomplish a goal and your life isn't the same. This race is going to be one of those moments, I can feel it.

Of course, it's not like everything will be suddenly different. It's been a gradual change, starting a couple years ago, when I decided on a daily walk that I just felt like going fast. It continued into my first 5k (also a life changing event), knee injury and rehab and a decision to register for the Colfax Half. It's been a slow change from hating running to running short distances to running double-digit miles, from needing a distraction to needing silence, from owning a couple pairs of shorts and a sports bra to a full drawer of running apparel.

But it's this race, this specific event, which makes me feel like I'm going to come out a different person. The type of person who runs half-marathons (it's okay to say I ran it when I have planned walk breaks, right?) and who plans out weekends around my runs and who actually enjoys the pounding legs and painful lungs. It's the type of person I never saw myself becoming. I think I like who I'm becoming.

Also, just so this doesn't get too serious, here is how I imagine I'll look when I finish the race next week. I look just like Charlize Theron, so it'll be fine.


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