5 Things That Have Happened in the Last Few Days of School

1. I have watched Forrest Gump five times a day. A history teacher's staple, naturally.

2. My room was overrun by large flying ants and below is the result.
The ant formerly known as Ho Chi Minh.
3. I have been called mean on no fewer than four occasions per day. In teacher-speak, "mean" stands for "I'm not getting the grade I want in your class".

I laugh because otherwise I'd have to actually examine my personality.

I like to think I'm Peggy/Joan/a badass woman.
4. My AP students predicted my future in five years. They were mostly divided between declaring that I would finally find a boyfriend or I'd be a woman "who don't need no man", but they all pretty much decided I'd stay at my school teaching the same subjects.

And then there was this one:
Ms. Hartlaub - In five years you will fill Mr. Helton's position as the only APUSH teacher at Bear Creek. At first people will doubt you but you will use your "charming" personality and extensive knowledge, along with Google, of American history to be the most successful APUSH teacher Bear Creek has ever had. Further, I will come back to visit you, to tell you of all my achievements, and you will ignore me.
5. I routinely did this:

"Can I still turn in this assignment from two units ago even though it's the last day of school before finals?"
Summer's almost here. Summer's almost here. Summer's almost here.

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