Now I'm An Adult.

My friends and I frequently have conversations about how we don't feel like adults. We pay bills, we go to bed early, we drink in moderation, we have achy joints, but we just don't feel like adults. Adults are supposed to know what they're doing, right? And we have no idea what we're doing.

However, now I feel like an adult. A bona fide, middle-aged adult.

Here's how it happened: After returning from my trip to San Francisco, I spent a day with my parents, as one does when they love their parents. My mother (hi, Mom) asked me to check into insurance so she and my father could, she said, "Give me a nice burial" if I were to die before them. (This coming after I had just almost had a mental breakdown on my flight back to Denver, which didn't make me feel great about flying.)

As if that question wasn't odd enough, I had an answer and a burial request prepped and ready to go: I want to be turned into a tree. I'd like to be cremated and have my ashes used as fertilizer and become a tree.

So now, when little kids talk about what they're going to be when they're grown up, I'm going to ask them how they want to be buried. Because that's what they should be thinking about.

PS Bios Urn makes biodegradable urns that contain tree seeds so you turn into a tree (and it's also available for your pets). Don't you feel grown up now?

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