Catching Up

I took a bit of a blogging break, kind of sort of on purpose. Life, you know?

So basically, just so we're on the same page, this is what's been going on (for the most part):

1. I'm watching a lot of Dawson's Creek. I wasn't allowed to watch it when it was originally on (and I was the only one in my grade not watching it, Mom) so I'm starting from the beginning. While watching, I've realized the "You Should Read!" posters haven't changed in 20 years (side note: It's been almost twenty years since Dawson Creek started), the 90s soundtrack is enough to make me keep watching and James Van Der Beek is the best.

Exhibit A:

This is James Van Der Beek trying to seriously cry, seriously.
Exhibit B:

This is James Van Der Beek making fun of himself. Which is really endearing.
2. I read this article on NPR about how great Parenthood is, and now I'm going to need to start binge watching that as well. Between D.C. and P, I'll probably need to quit my job.

3. I went to San Francisco. I took these pictures:

I also took some more. I might post them.

4. After spring break, I had to go back to work. To be honest, it is really draining right now. Mostly I just want the year to be over and summer break to be here and the students do, too. Except for my class because my class is their favorite ever.

5. My half-marathon training has become a sort-of crap shoot. Basically my goal is to hit my long runs and not have my body hurt all the time.

6. These baby elephants, and a baby giraffe, and a grown-ish elephant. (Thanks, Buzzfeed.)

The end! We are officially caught up.

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