Here's What Netflix Thinks I Should Be Teaching.

I found out today that I'll be teaching a couple Economics classes next year, which I'm surprisingly really excited about seeing as I remember nothing from my econ classes in college. Tonight I went onto Netflix to find movies to watch over the next few weekends in order to start building up my fortress of knowledge.

According to Netflix, here's what I should be teaching my students about economics:

Daddy Day Care


Economic Key Ideas: The dot-com bubble, entrepreneurship, supply and demand, whiny children, Eddie Murphy, Saint Bernards are still popular in kid's movies

Gold Rush

Economic Key Ideas: Great Recession, not learning from the past, poverty line, dumb ideas

Grand Canyon

Economic Key Ideas: Economic and social class stratification, income gap, "serendipity", Steve Martin and Danny Glover in a non-comedy

Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas

Economic Key Ideas: Lions eat thing, Hyenas eat things, Lions and Hyenas are apparently enemies

Intimate Enemies

Economic Key Ideas: Lions and Hyenas aren't the only things that are enemies, enemies can be intimate, war sucks, don't go into the Forbidden Zone

It's a good start. These students are about to be educated.

(PS I haven't actually seen any of these. Don't be pissed at me if you are a really big fan of bad Eddie Murphy movies or something.)

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