What's Making Me Happy

Sometimes, finding the good parts of my life is really simple. The happy things are all glowing so bright, and life doesn't seem to be bad at all, and it's just a matter of deciding which parts of my life are making me the most happy.

Sometimes, finding the happy parts of my life is hard. I know they're there, but they're being overshadowed by annoying little black rain clouds, pestering me with their rain and thunder. It's hard to see what else is out there when you're surrounded by those little black devils.

To clarify, I'm not saying my life is bad or unpleasant, and I'm not trying to be Debbie Downer at all. I know I'm extremely fortunate in my life, and there are so many things I'm grateful for in my life: my friends, my family, their love and forgiveness, my home, my neighborhood, my students, the internets, sunny days.... I could go on.

But sometimes, I think, my anxiety about uncertainty makes me forget about all the good things in life. The good things that won't go away, no matter what happens in the future. Sometimes the uncertainty is so scary that I forget the unknown can be a wonderful adventure, and could lead to some new discoveries about myself. Sometimes I forget that the scary uncertainties might not even come to pass.

When I remember this, I notice the annoying little clouds parting a bit. They maybe do not disappear completely, but I can at least see the shining parts of life through their cracks.

(That's what she said. Sorry, I just had to.)

1. Oiselle Running Apparel

I'm a staunch anti-Lululemon consumer of athletic clothing, so I'm ecstatic I discovered this brand. I found Oiselle through one of the new blogs I'm following (Ask Lauren Fleshman) and I love everything they do and stand for. Women-only running clothing? Check. Empowerment for women? Check. Super adorable and good quality clothing? Check. Beautiful marketing and branding? Check. Created by women? Check.

I'll take one of everything in a size small, please.

By the way, do you not understand why I don't support Lululemon (and am actually a strong opponent to it)? Then please read about Lululemon's see-through pants (it happened again!), Chip Wilson's racist, sexist and crazy statements, and one woman's account of the Lululemon murder PLUS what it was like to work there (which are two different things - sorta). Yes, I realize Chip Wilson stepped down from his position as CEO, but I will never feel comfortable buying from a company that was founded by such a misogynist and racist.

2. Aerie's Lingerie Ad Campaign

I know, I know - they are totally pandering to women like me who like when clothing companies use real women. I know this is a marketing ploy and I'm aware that I'm being sucked in and I'm falling into an advertiser's dark hole. And I also know these women are still attractive and young and yeah...I hear that. But I would so much rather buy from a brand that uses realistic women with the message that I, a real human being with fleshy parts and small boobs and wrinkly parts and not always shaved parts, am completely sexy and attractive, instead of buying from the Other Brand that tells me (and men) I MUST HAVE BIG BOOBS TO BE SEXY! AND LONG HAIR! LOOK AT THE BOOBS! LOOK AT THE HAIR! LOOK AT THE COMPLETELY SMOOTH AND HAIRLESS SKIN! And quite frankly, that just makes me feel bad about myself and my body, and I'm over that.

So, yes to Aerie and their pandering, and no to any brand that tells me I need to look a certain way to get a man.

3. 5 Things Guys Do That Girls Hate

I hate when women write articles about what guys have to do to make girls happy. I hate when men write articles about what girls have to do to make guys happy. I dislike anybody telling anybody that in order to make anyone happy they have to, at anytime, act different from themselves.

So I love this article from Melanie Schmitz at Hello Giggles. She had me at number one: "Make lists complaining about the things we like to wear" and I adored her at this next little tidbit
I'm sorry. I wasn't aware my wedge sneakers offended you so much. Would you like me to throw them in the garbage with every single item of clothing in my wardrobe that displeases you, my lord?
YES. (Edit: by YES I mean AMEN.)

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