What's Making Me Happy

I did not much feel like being happy this week. I felt like sitting in the middle of a sunny park, eating a soft-serve ice cream cone while staring off into space. Your basic cry for help, really.

Unfortunately, it is not sunny in Denver right now. It is gray and cold and generally unpleasant weather in which to sit in a park and eat ice cream. However, I think it would still be an effective cry for help if I stared at the crematorium from my living room window while eating my soft-serve ice cream cone. Dead bodies and ice cream - I think that's what one would call a "Classic Combination".

Basically, what I'm saying is, I'm feeling sick and I have friends who are sick and really really sick and I don't want to move from my bed and I'm taking the broken front gate of my apartment building as a sign that God doesn't want me to do anything today. It's a typical burning bush scenario.

I'm also saying that I really need something to make me feel good and laugh.

1. I admit I never listened to Pete Seeger when he was alive. That was stupid of me, but I suspect I'm not the only one. Luckily, the internets are a bountiful source of Pete Seeger-ness right now, which is making my chosen internet experience pretty pleasant. This falls under the Make Me Feel Good category.

2. I don't know why, but fifteen year old girls are really good at making cool things out of stupid shit. In one specific scenario from this past year, I needed an 80s-ish t-shirt and figured I would make one out of my many free t-shirts taking up space in my dresser. The amount of high school girls who are able to do this on YouTube made me feel confident about my ability, but no. Just, no.

Just The Tips is all about that, and then some. They appeal to my sarcastic side, and my strange desire to do crafts, but at the same time they remind me why I never should. This falls under the Make Me Laugh category.

Also, check them out on NY Mag's website.

3. I go through a phase every January and February where I binge watch Alfred Hitchcock movies. My favorites are the films with Jimmy Stewart, but that's mostly because I have a weird thing for tall guys with boyish charm. Also on that list: Dick Van Dyke, John Krasinski and Benedict Cumberbatch (who is maybe more alien than boy, but is at least a charming alien).

My favorite film is Rear Window and I don't need to explain it to you. If you watch it, you will understand. This falls under the Make Me Feel Good category.

By the way, I had a dream about Cumberbatch last night: we were in a relationship (yes please) and then he scammed me and I woke up SO not okay with that.

To sum up, I took this picture after peeing this morning:

And then I crawled back into bed. The end.

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