Don't worry, here are some cute animals.

Today my APUSH class was discussing the causes of the Great Depression. We tried to make a timeline, but in all honesty, it's really hard to pinpoint a time when America started having an uneven distribution of wealth, because it's always existed.

So we got to part where Europe took out a ton of loans from American banks to pay back their reparations to the US government since the US government wouldn't forgive the loans (because dammit, we were in that war from June until November and we want your blood)(also, this is basically how I feel about my student loans), and the students asked this:

Them: "Isn't this what the US is doing now, with China?"

Me: "I mean, yeah. Basically, yeah."

Them: "But aren't we getting money from China just to pay the interest on our loans, not even the loans themselves?"

Me: "Yeah...yeah."

Them: "I don't get it. I just can't wrap my head around how dumb that is."

Me: "I know. I actually don't think about. I look at pictures of cute puppies."

This became our rallying cry for the rest of the class. When they were talking about paying for college I told them A) choosing what you love and ignoring the price is bullshit (I didn't really say bullshit), B) they should go to a school where they can take out the smallest amount of student loans possible and C) look at pictures of cute puppies.

And that is the lesson I would like to share with you today.

Are you upset about the future of our economy? Here's a corgi jumping into a lake.

Are you upset about the amount of student loans you have to pay? Here are some bunnies at a carnival.

Are you upset about the stupidity that is the Arizona state government? (And the fact that what some people are upset about the most is not the human rights issue...but that it might cost Arizona the Super Bowl.) Here is a cat who has had enough.

Are you upset about the Ukraine? About Venezuela? Here is an adorable pet rat cuddling a teddy bear while he/she sleeps.

Are you upset because the Netherlands speed skating coach was a jerk to Americans, destroying your preconceived notions that people from the Netherlands were pretty nice? Here are baby elephants, taking a bath.

Don't you feel better?

Here are two links to keep you going, if you need them (and you probably will): Source 1 (Corgi) and Source 2 (bunnies, cat, rat and elephants)

PS I have a suspicion these animals will be back...

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