5 Things To Do On A Day Off

I ended up with an unintentional day off today. Usually my sick *cough cough* days are planned out in advance. I look at the calendar and figure out where I'm going to be feeling my most stressed and grumpy and plan for a day off at that point. I rarely get "real" sick, and I have also not harmed any of my co-workers or students, so I consider this plan to be a success. Today, however, I just sort of ended up with free time on my hands, due to a doctor's appointment smack in the middle of the day. Originally I planned on going to into work after my appointment just to get some work done anyway, but as I was leaving the doctor's office it dawned on me that my plan was a really dumb idea.

This, however, left me with a problem: I didn't know what to do with all this time. (I'm aware this is a champagne problem, but I have 99 white girl problems and a boy ain't one of them, so I need to complain about something.) This is an issue because when I go into work I immediately get out my pad of sticky notes and create a to-do list for the day (actually, I immediately turn on my computer and while I'm waiting the 20 minutes it takes for it to start, I create a to-do list for the day) and even on my weekends I create a to-do list of "fun things" I want to do during my free time.

I didn't have a to-do list today. And it freaked me out.

In case you ever find yourself in a similar situation, I have come up with some activities you can use:

1. Sleep.

Days off are supposed to be about treating yo self right? For myself and, I think, many teachers, the ultimate treat yo self activity is sleeping. Sleep in until 8 am! Take a nap at 1 pm! Take another nap at 2 pm! Pass out on the couch with Cheeto residue covering your shirt! Never get out of your pajamas! Basically I'm telling you to act like a college-boy stoner, but today is your day off. There is no one to judge but your own decency.

2. Stay in your pajamas.

As soon as I got home from my doctor's appointment I changed into my pajamas. It was bliss. Bliss, I tell you! I don't even wear fancy clothes to work (yesterday I wore a dress for the first time in a while and everyone commented, which tells you that I basically dress like a slob every other day).

3. Go to a bookstore.

I love The Bookstore. I adore The Bookstore. However, The Bookstore is dangerous because I have a limited amount of money and there are an unlimited amount of books I would love to get at The Bookstore. Still, go to The Bookstore and wander around in the middle of the day because it feels so much better than staring at students who are taking a test. (Bonus! I found out many an attractive male goes to The Bookstore during the weekday. While they are nice to look at, I immediately question their potential due to the fact that they don't seem to have a job - although I guess they could be thinking the same of me.)

4. Go to an art museum.

I did not go to the art museum today. After my sleeping and pajama-wearing and Bookstore perusing I was really tired and needed to pass out on the couch. But I imagine going to the museum on a day off would be really cool.

Alternate Option: Look up cute animal pictures and gifs on the internet. That's what the internet is for, people, and it's basically the same as going to an art museum.

5. Catch up on television shows.

This is a no-brainer. Watch thy television shows, people! Those shows you don't get to watch because they're on past your bedtime or because you are poor and do not have a tv so you have to use the internet and that takes time. Guess what? Today, on the holiest of days, you have the time.

I suggest the following shows, assuming you have not already seen them: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Northern Exposure, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife

Looking at my suggestions, I have this to say: Hi, I'm a female. I don't have cats. Yet.

Also, regarding my suggestion of Northern Exposure, can we just acknowledge that jeans in the early 90s were really awkward, especially in the crotchal region? It was like denim draping for your genitals.

Chest bump, guys. That was an epic day off.

Final note - I have to ask a question: do you guys think I use too many gifs? (And as a side question: Is there such a thing as too many gifs?) I'm probably not going to stop including them so you should probably just tell me no so we can avoid being uncomfortable with one another.

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