What's Making Me Happy

[Thanks to NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast for the inspiration in this new series.]

1. Finally, I'm growing herbs, and finally, they're not dying. At least not yet. They're babies right now, so there are still the horrible teen years to get through. My only issue is I didn't label my seeds, which means I have no idea what is what. I think the one above is basil? Maybe?

2. Morning Yoga

This week was painful in that I had a debilitating migraine on Monday that tamed itself to a mild thud by Thursday. The good thing about this headache is it's encouraged me to return to my morning yoga routine, which has not only helped relieve the nastiness in my head but has been a delicious way to start the day.

(By the way, if you're looking for some poses, I highly suggest yepindeed's 52 Poses series. Graylin's explanations of different yoga poses are super interesting and informative.)

3. Running Outside

After spending a week in the freeze box that is Chicago during the winter, I was really excited to come back to Colorado's mild winters....only to be stuck inside on a treadmill because I'm a workaholic and I don't feel like getting stabbed at the nearby park when it gets dark. Thankfully, the weather has been wonderfully not Chicagoish lately, and after the first week hectics at work, I've been able to get outside. Thanks, sun, for doing your thang.

4. The Five-Minute Face Make Up Routine
I'm not now nor ever have been a make up fanatic. I'd rather read about skin care and health care than focus on new beauty products (I splurge on hair and skin products, but buy the cheapest make up available... e.l.f., anyone?). Thank goodness for this make up routine, which is essentially how I do my make up anyway, but I like being validated. Either way, it's wonderful and I've been going to work like this and no one has told me I look sick, so that's a good sign. You should try it!

5. Sleep

I don't think I need to explain this. Except I will say that I'm looking forward to my thirties because then I can sleep for 8 hours every night (even weekends!) and no one will judge me.

It's the exciting things, people.

6. New Music

Thanks to the NPR Music Tumblr, I recently discovered this song by The Black Hollies. I've been listening to it a bunch and I think you should too.

Also listening to the new albums by The Head and the Heart and The Arctic Monkeys. Their new albums are worth listening to, and make my students think I'm cool.

Happy Weekend! I hope you all had things making you happy this week.

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  1. Definitely loving that make-up routine. So gorgeous!
    xo TJ