Welcome: 2014

You know that moment when you write out a full blog post and then you realize (after you published the post, of course) that you spelled something wrong in the image, and instead of deleting the image and keeping the entire post you just delete the entire post that you spent the last thirty minutes writing? And then you say, “Oh, f***.” And what else can you do but fix the image and then go back to rewrite the post?
Only, it won’t be the same as the post you originally wrote, which you were perfectly happy with. Maybe this new post is going to be worse (do you really want to spend that same amount of time rewriting a whole new post?) but maybe it’ll be better. 
After all, now you have a funny anecdote to tell.
And then you’ll make a little segway about how the perspective on the blog post and the perspective on the new year are kind of similar: maybe it’ll be worse, but maybe it’ll be better. And at least you got a funny story out of it.
See how that worked? It was a little weak, but it worked. Sort of.
Anyhow, I originally wrote a post about how I spent a lot of time at airports yesterday and I read Kurt Vonnegut and I listened to NPR podcasts and I stared out at a vast expanse of darkness and city lights and even though I’m not a person who typically sets resolutions, I decided on a few changes I wanted to make in my life for this upcoming year. A few experiments, if you will.
Experiment 1 (Cleanse): Not people, although that’s typically what gets mentioned here. I like the people I associate with, spend time with and work with. I want to cleanse my actions and thoughts. Are they productive or are they distractions? Remove the distractions, keep the productivity.
Experiment 2 (Save): This is two-fold. On the one hand, I want to contribute more to my savings account and pay off my credit card bill (damn you, holidays and teacher’s salary and student loans). On the other hand, I want to save more memories and moments. While I was waiting for my (multi-hour) delayed flight out of Denver yesterday, I saw this TED video about recording one second videos every day, and combining them into a video montage at the end of the year. I recorded my first video yesterday (at the airport - 2014 is off to an interesting start).
Experiment 3 (Simplify): Mostly, stop over thinking. It’s a distraction, it’s not productive, and it just causes me misery. Also, purge my closet and live on less stuff. You know, like everyone else is saying they’re doing this year.
Experiment 4 (Create): Starting with this blog. I want to contribute to these here interwebs. Not just look at pretty pictures, but take my own meaningful photographs. Not just read pretty words, but write my own difficult and personal stories. And then share (and self-promote, to a degree) without shame. That’s not to say I won’t share images and products other people have created that I find inspiring, but I want to make sure I am creating and participating in life, rather than just observing it.
I’ll keep you updated on these experiments. I’m excited. Welcome, 2014.
"I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy." - Anais Nin
PS You need to see these quotes by Anais Nin. No. You NEED to.
PPS I think this post was better than the original. Not that you’ll ever know. But trust me.

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