Musical Eights: Winter 2014

Four years ago, I went on a date with a guy.

And that's it. The end. I have nothing else to say.

I kid. I kid.

Anyway, four years ago, I went on a date with a guy who asked me what kind of music I enjoyed. Before this moment in time, I used to say I enjoyed everything, which was absolutely false because I really did not like The Police. Or a lot of other music that typically falls under the "everything" category. So I told him, honestly, that I tended to like a lot of indie music, and that I actually really disliked when a band became popular because that usually meant they lost their edge.

And, lo, a hipster was born.

In all fairness, I had never heard of "hipster" before, and the band I was thinking of was Snow Patrol, so it's not like I set out to wear beanies and nineties-mixed-with-fifties fashion. But I did love underground shows and unknown bands and obscure band t-shirts, and very very slowly, I was learning to love men with beards.

If I can be honest, though, and not modest at all, I did have good taste in music. Only, I didn't want to share my music, just in case they became really popular and they were no longer "just mine". Because really, hipsters are pretty damn selfish and judgmental about music. (Oh you knew that already? Sorry.)

So, here is a hipster, sharing some music love. I present to you, Musical Eights: Eight songs by eight different artists, all with relatively low fame levels. Three of the artists are Denver/Colorado locals by the way: Gregory Alan Isakov, Elephant Revival and Nathaniel Rateliff. And I'm just going to innocently mention that I did see Gregory Alan Isakov years and years ago (before the aforementioned date) so I did hear about him really early on.

And, lo, a hipster was obnoxious and the cyber hands of her readers reached out and smacked her upside the head.

(A special note: If you do enjoy any of the artists, please make sure to support them and get the word out. Buy their music, buy their merchandise and definitely see a show. If you live in the Denver area, I'll most likely be there.)


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